Human-Made Stuff Now Outweighs All Life on Earth


This December 9, 2020 article by Stephanie Pappas in the magazine Scientific American paints the sorry story of the impact of artificiality, in this case, the total amount of human-made stuff.

What Would it Take to Change the Legal System? A Podcast


Episode 54: Designing for a Better World with Don Norman Legal Design Podcast

A 47-minute conversation: My hosts described it this way:

Is it possible to design law in the way our everyday commodities and services are designed? What is legal design for? Who are the “legal designers” and what do they do? In this podcast hosts Henna Tolvanen and Nina Toivonen discuss how to make law better for (real) humans with guests representing intriguing backgrounds and knowledge.

The way law seeks for betterment of society is by passing on new regulation. However, law may not always be the best tool to influence human behavior. We discuss that instead of making new laws, should we design the legislation more in a way that would lead to a smaller amount of laws and try to figure out a way to guide people’s behavior in other ways and what those other ways could be from Don’s point of view.