Homelessness and inappropriate housing is a major concern all over the world.

Informal Settlements: When planning fails

Shacks in informal settlement in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, South Africa


Rates of urbanisation can fluctuate rapidly and be hard to predict. This makes planning for urban growth a challenge, especially in developing countries, where more than 90% of urban growth is occurring. When data or government capacity is limited, housing shortages often result.

With formal housing too expensive or unavailable, urban migrants must improvise. Many resort to informal housing.

Design with the other 90%

Citis by Cynthia E. Smith

Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design. New York.


Through a dozen essays and interviews, sixty profiles of solutions, and 250 photographs, Design with the Other 90%: CITIES examines the extraordinary efforts in urban planning, sustainable design, affordable housing, entrepreneurship, non-formal education, communication, food security, water and sanitation, and public health happening in these communities to ensure their residents a brighter future.