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The Teacher’s Toolkit

An authoritative library of free, peer-reviewed and open-access videos, articles and templates on UX Design.

Designed for teachers, educators and professors at universities, colleges, schools and companies. But it also works well for individual learners. IxDF curated excellent resources relevant to the boo, Design for a Better World

Resources include:

  • UX Topic Definitions,
  • UX Design Articles, Instructional Videos
  • Ready-To-Use Templates.

Link to one or more of the resources and it will always point to updated content — with additional videos and links to in-depth articles.

Disclaimer: IxDF charges a nominal fee for many of their courses. This Teacher’s Toolkit, including the text and videos, is free. I have never received any money from IxDF: I have been a fan, advisor, and supporter since their very beginning.

Short Videos and Texts

Anything Artificial We Can Design Better: Text and Video

Use Circular Design To Reverse Harm: Text and Video


Circular design is the practice of creating durable, reusable, repairable and recyclable products that generate zero waste to support a circular economy. Designers consider all stages of a product’s lifecycle and ensure that it is sustainable from manufacturing to disposal.

Nature is circular. Nothing ever goes to waste. The banana peel we discard degrades into nutritious compost for plants. Even the remains of deceased animals and humans disintegrate into the soil. Human engineering and design, on the other hand, are linear processes. And that has put us on a one-way highway to a global wasteland. How can we move from linear economies to a more natural, circular one?

What is Humanity-Centered Design? Text and Video.

Use More Meaningful Measurements in Design and in the World:
Text and Video


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